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Faren Fleming

Faren Fleming started performing and writing his own music at an early age. Encouraged by his parents and family, he joined chorus, the drama club and played concert pedal harp with an orchestra. After graduating high school in Hawaii he went on to perform in several plays and variety shows, eventually headlining his own vocal shows. He was picked up by the Sheffield Ensemble Theatre and toured with the show Cheap Theatrix. In addition to opening for Al Jarreau and Vonda Shepard, he’s performed locally with Brett Maverick and the Stallions, a group solely dedicated to raising money for non-profit organizations.

With a solid background of Broadway and big band jazz, Fleming expanded into pop, rock and dance music. He’s quoted as saying “Some, when having midlife crises go for a red convertible.  I couldn’t afford, one so I joined a heavy metal band.”   Playing freeform original rock formats with Lee Reffel and Tommy Golec, he integrated his varying vocal techniques into a sound that ranges from forceful to soulful.  Once meeting bass player Gregor Palmer, the four performers formed Perfect High with nothing less than magic between them. In 2015 the four gelled initially around recording three of Fleming’s oldest, original songs, Maybe This Time, Time Ticks Away, and It’s Gonna Rain.

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