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Gregor Palmer

Gregor Palmer started music cold turkey at age 30, acquiring a generic Fender-J-knock-off bass in a bunk pawnshop deal.  An avid music fan and listener, Palmer had the luck of knowing lifetime musicians on the Raleigh, NC scene, bartending with a bandleader who could sing, play guitar.  His friend Mikel Ross suggested with work ethic and relationship, that Palmer form a band with experienced players.  Under some guidance of mentors, he was writing and playing soon.

In the words of Samuel Goldwyn, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”  Palmer accepted the challenge from 2003-2007, cutting his stage, studio, and touring teeth in the Raleigh, North Carolina indie-pop rock band Brite Boy.  An early self- released EP, Peartree Sessions on Spotify includes some production work by John Custer, grammy nominated for his work with metal luminary Corrosion of Conformity of Raleigh.  With co-creator Mikel Ross, Peartree Sessions was special as a first musical effort, and included graphic design, cover artwork, logo and merchandise to Palmer’s creative portfolio. Making records with southern Californian David McConnell for the group’s second release made recording a passion.  Brite Boy stopped being a group by the end of 2007.

Almost no one escapes paying real dues. After Brite Boy, Palmer worked in scenarios familiar to any musician – in metal storage spaces, band members garages, members with no car, et cetera.  While working contract positions at Deep South Entertainment, the local North Carolina-based record label that hired Palmer, manager and partner, Amy Cox became an ally.  The most memorable and fulfilling experiences in music come from connections to David Rose and Amy Cox at Deep South, with work ranging from back line, merchandising, and tour management.  

Taking a number of years off from music projects, Palmer completed an Environmental Engineering bachelor’s degree at North Carolina State University by 2014.  Working in graphic design and architecture at Matt Mcconnell Studios kept his creative outlets available.   Additionally, he sang in The Concert Singers of Cary for the same two years.  By March 2015 he found himself in Denver to meet other Perfect High members.  The group became fast friends around immediate musical chemistry.   Most recently luck continued, when getting the chance to work with another talented producer at Denver University, as Perfect High recorded It’s Gonna Rain at the college’s studios.    

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