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Lee Reffel

Lee, a Denver native, started drums at age 17. Starting out on acoustic drums, Lee wanted to explore a wide variety of sounds and turned to electronic percussion. Some of his early influences come from drummers such as Vinnie Paul, Igor Cavalera, and Phil Collins.

Lee Reffel is a modern drummer with an approach to every style, pushing the envelope of percussive sound with both traditional kits and talented electronic invention. “I took lessons at a local church for 2 months and purchased several how-to videos which set the foundation for my learning.”

A former drummer of Denver-based rock band Kunundrum (2012-2015), Lee’s sound is influenced by hard rock, progressive metal, classic rock and jazz. Now the drummer of Perfect High, Lee blends both old school and modern sounds creating a variety of music genres.

In addition to music, Lee excels at comedy and voice over work.  “I have always appreciated comedians who do impersonations such as Michael Winslow.”

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