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Band Biography

Fleming recruited fellow writer/guitarist Tommy Golec, and drummer Lee Reffel to complete the Perfect High line-up.

The band commanded immediate chemistry and a wealth of material, richly influenced by complementary writing.  In the words of Tommy Golec, “Each member’s interest represents a generation of musical influences, together our sound includes over forty years of style.”

The group noshes on a steady diet of rock, they have the genesis for something refreshed and unique to music.  Perfect High’s consistent sound ranges from smooth, the danceable, to hard-hitting, doing so faithfully in every case.  A lot of tunes are lyrical guitar drives in the vein of classic rock, telling us psychadelic love stories of today.

Metal experienced players Golec and Reffel heavily direct the sound into new alternative and progressive energies.  Tommy Golec’s six strings shine with crystalline tones in his thematic lines, giving them an electric edge found in AC/DC or Soundgarden.  He prolifically adds to the band’s repertoire in his own blues, progressive, and metal-influenced guitar styles.  Lee Reffel is a modern drummer with an approach to every style the band writes, conjuring beats Bonham to Vinny Paul, a timekeeper on both acoustic and electronic kits.

Gregor Palmer on bass, writing with pop-alternative bent somewhere between Talking Heads and Black Sabbath, completes a precise, driving rhythm section.  Faren has vocal power to front such a band, delivering songs with alternative rock sensibilities and R&B melodies.  With his staple addition of synth pads, keys and supporting guitars, the band can push the envelope of almost any contemporary scene.  

Listeners will enjoy crisp polyrhythms under blues-pop melodies with thoughtful lyrics and vocal harmonies.  The real joy is in the band’s ability to attempt many musical areas, giving listeners a creative cohesion to identify.  Check out Perfect High’s distinct mixture of grooves and melodies that stand out, make ears perk, and leave you wanting more.

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