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Tommy Golec

Graduate in Fine Arts and Film Studies, seasoned blues and progressive guitarist/songwriter with a decade of experience, graphic artist since childhood. Tommy Golec has honed each discipline to coalesce the visual, auditory and emotional qualities of his musical craft into an evocative form of storytelling. One that leads the senses and emotions on a journey through the deepest depths to the most timeless spaces, enriching our sensations of life and touching on the whole myriad of human emotion along the way.

Adding to his own body of work, Tommy loves to contribute his skills to neighbor arts and media professionals, especially when it comes to serving someone’s vision and helping to bring out its greatest authenticity and impact on the desired audience. He does this through the contribution of videography, storyboarding, editing and the music production all originally crafted by the group of musicians he works with constantly.  Click to see more work from Tommy Golec.  

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